Bohemian Matching at its Greatest (updated)

Whether you are an interior design addict or simply, if you are in love with the bohemian style, there are some close related outfits you really need to know. You should either have these outfits on the back of your mind or in your wardrobe. There is no middle solution on this one. On the top of this blog there are some bohemian-style choices and as you scroll down you will have the chance to have a look at some monochrome-basic ones. Hope you enjoy?

See Through Blue Printed Top

The only see-through proposal we have in this article! Full-length Sleeves with a Turtleneck ending. Its printed pattern is definitely the highlight of this Top since it’s one of a kind.

Brown Solid Long Sleeve Shirt

A Turtleneck solid choice with stretchy fabric that you are going to love. It has a slim fit and it is perfect for Autumn and Fall. Click on it, to have a full preview.

Army Green Crop Pullover

Green Army colour in combination with its Regular Fit offers an elegant style to every girl that wears it. Even though it fits regularly based on your size, keep in mind that its fabric has no stretch since it is “Broadcloth”. A great choice for Fall as well as Spring.

Blue Ripped Frayed Edge Denim Coat

A casual style Coat with turn-down collar. Full Sleeve length with no stretch. It is true to its size with  85% Cotton, 15% Polyester Composition. A Fall essential.

Black Halter Neck Sequin Jumpsuit

This is a 2018 arrival which was a best seller the past Winter. It has a regular fit and it’s Mid Waist. Halter neckline, which makes it ideal for Parties.